ecommerce options

Artisans Cooperative

  • using this. clunky. variants are unintuitive.
  • allows me to set alt text for images.
  • points for being a cooperative model



  • fuck etsy mxn


  • using this currently, but it has a strict no-NSFW policy.


  • open source! hosting is a bit of a pain
  • has an Azure hosting option that was easy enough to spin up


  • open source! hosting is a bit of a pain


  • $30/month minimum after a few free months.


  • this is my current preference.
  • has a free tier! pay per transaction rather than monthly.
  • only irritation point so far: managing shipping myself actually costs me money? there’s a fee for not using Square’s integrated shipping.
  • does not support alt text for background images or product images
  • keyboard navigation of the main menu fails when there are nested categories below any menu item - focus lands on each category without expanding the menu item
  • support blows
  • legal name only policy apparently which ewwwww


  • WordPress only.

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